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Acorn Outdoor Stairlift

Yes, believe or not you can have independence outdoors as well as in. These outdoor stairlifts are weather proof and are specifically designed for outdoor use. Whether it's getting up to you front door bypassing steep difficult steps or to get you out into your garden these stairlifts give you the solution you need.

Just as with indoor stairlifts they are packed with all the safety features you would expect to give you the comfort and peace of mind you need. Theses stairlifts are identical to the indoor version in look and operation, except they are fully waterproof.


Weatherproof stairlifts and wheelchair platform lifts are designed specifically for outdoor use.

They work on low voltage and are completely safe. Call now for a free survey

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We also supply platform lifts to get a user and wheelchair between different levels in the garden or any outdoor location. We will arrange for all aspects of the installation including the building work and the electrics.

Outdoor Stairlifts & Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Further Outdoor Stairlift Information

Have you ever considered a stairlift for outside use? Many people haven't as it’s quite an unusual concept but the addition of an outdoor stairlift can really make the difference to your lifestyle and can help you become more independent.

Why would you need an outdoor stairlift?

Simply put it maybe because you have stairs or steps outside and you may not be able to negotiate them any longer without assistance. Another reason could be to make sure your business or home is suitable for guests which can't use the stairs.

Many people move home and unfortunately the cliché of “moving to a bungalow when mobility becomes reduced” is very true! But why leave your beloved home, the place where all your memories are and where you love to live, just because of some steps when there is another alternative. A stairlift, such as an outdoor stairlift may seem like quite an investment initially but when compared to moving house, the cost and disruption involved and the loss of that homely feeling, it will soon be evident that it’s quite a bargain!

What's the difference between an indoor and an outdoor stairlift?

The main difference between the two lifts is an outdoor stairlift is suited for adverse weather conditions such as ice, rain and snow and is fully waterproof. Of course the stairlift itself is very similar in terms of design and functionality to an indoor stairlift but it’s designed to withstand the elements and be reliable enough for you to use even in the most adverse weather conditions.


Another difference, with the Acorn outdoor stairlift, which we endorse, is that it fits to the steps/stairs rather than the wall. This allows the stairlift to be fitted to outdoor stairs and steps and outside stairwells that either do not have walls or do not have walls robust enough to mount a stairlift rail.

New Outdoor Stairlifts from £2,850.00

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Features of the Acorn Outdoor stairlift

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