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Simple Controls

Simple Control - Using the lift is as easy as pushing the control in the direction of travel.

Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control - The lift can be 'called' or 'sent' up or down the stairs whenever it's needed.  This is particularly usefully when two people are using the lift or to move the lift away from the hallway when not in use

Folding arms, Seat and Footrest

Folding Arms, Seat and Footrest - The arms, seat and footrest all neatly fold away. With its ultra slimline design there is plenty of room for other users of your staircase.

Seat Belt

Lap Harness - All Brooks Stairlifts are fitted with the essential safety feature of a lap harness

Safety Sensors

Safety Cut-out Sensors on Carriage and Footrest - If anything is blocking the progress of the Stairlift, it will come to an immediate halt. There are 5 sensors: 3 on the footrest, and 2 on the carriage.

Hinged Rail

The Hinged Rail Stairlift is useful in situations where there is an obstruction (usually a door) at the foot of the stairway or where the protrusion of the foot of the rail is a tripping hazard.

The Brooks Stairlift is available with a manual or powered hinge

Standing Option

Sit / Stand Stairlift Option

We understand that sitting down when using your stairlift is not always an option, that is why we are proud installers of Brooks Sit / Stand Stairlifts.

The Brooks Sit / Stand Stairlift gives you, the user, the choice of whether to sit down or stand up while using the stairlift.

Swivel Seat

Swivel Seat - The seat turns and locks in either a 45° or 90° position, helping you get in and out of your stairlift, easily and safely.

Perching Option

The Perch Stairlift is an ideal option for those who find it difficult to bend at the knee.

The Brooks Stairlift has a small perch seat that gives you the support you need without compromising comfort.

Bridging Platform

The Platform Stairlift can be used with a straight Stairlift as a cheaper alternative to a curved Stairlift.

A platform Stairlift is like a drawbridge of a castle moat, it bridges the gap between the footplate and the top step.

However, a Platform Stairlift is only an option when the curve is at the top of the staircase.

Stairlift features and options