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Frequently Asked Questions

We have endeavoured to answer all the most commonly asked questions in the list below but of course if you need any further information or advice please call us free on 0800 977 4686.

How much does a stairlift cost?

As every staircase is different, stairlifts prices vary depending on the size and shape of the staircase. You can purchase a reconditioned straight stair lift from as little as £995.00 or a new straight from £1395.00. New curved stairlifts start at £3250.00   

What if I have a bend in the stairs?

No problem, we offer a range of curved stair lifts that are custom made for each individual staircase.

How long will the stair lift installation take?

A straight stairlift can normally be installed within a hour. We then test and demonstrate the stair lift to make sure you are comfortable with the operation of your lift. Curved stairlifts take around 4 to 5 hours to install. There should be no disruption to your home.

What happens if the stair lift breaks down?

Just call our customer services department and help and advice will be available to you from our experienced team.

Will a stairlift fit on my stairs?

All stairlifts are custom-made for your stairs. Before fitting an experienced technical surveyor takes detailed measurements of your stairway. This means that, when we deliver it’s already set up to fit. If while surveying we identify some reason the stairlift will not fit on your staircase we can make practical suggests on how to address the problem. It is not often that a solution cannot be found.

Is the stairlift easy to use?

There is a large paddle switch or a joystick to operate the stairlift. Just press the switch in the direction you wish to travel. Progress will be smooth and steady without any jolting movements.

What happens when the lift is upstairs and I am downstairs?

If the stairlift is at the top of the stairs and you are at the bottom or vice versa just summon it with the remote control – there are two, so they can leave one upstairs and one downstairs.

How hard is getting on and off?

The stair lifts have a swivel seat so you can get onto the lift on the landing while safely facing away from the stairs. If you have trouble swivelling the seat by yourself a powered swivel option is available. We also assess whether you can stand from a sitting position and offer advice if this is an issue.

Can other people still get up and down the stairs when the stairlift is fitted?

Today’s stair lifts are very slim, so the stairs are still fully accessible.

How is the stairlift powered?

Two DC batteries power the stairlift, the stair lift is plugged into the mains to keep the batteries charged. If there is a power cut, because the stairlift runs on batteries it will still work as normal.

Will my stairlift make a lot of noise?

No, stairlifts have whisper quiet motors.

What if there is something on the stairs and the stairlift hits the obstruction, will it damage the stairlift or injure the user?

If something gets in the way of the stairlift on its travel, one of the safety sensors that surround the footplate will bring the stairlift to a halt and prevent it continuing its journey.

Does the stairlift fix to the wall? Is there much mess?

All stairlifts are fixed to the tread of the stairs rather than the wall. That is why there is absolutely no mess when fitting.

Will I need special instruction or training in using the stair lift?

When we install the stairlift, we will give detailed instructions on the use and care of the stairlift but rest assured the stairlift is simple to use.

What about a warranty?

All the stair lifts we sell come with a 12-month fully comprehensive warranty as standard.

What if my stairs are very narrow?

Today’s stairlifts are designed with an ultra slim, compact carriage.  In most cases they will fit but if a standard stairlift does not fit we can recommend alternatives such as a perching option or minor changes to your staircase.

Do reconditioned lifts cost less than new stairlifts?

Straight reconditioned stairlifts start from just £995.00 including fitting and a 12 moth warranty.

How long does it take to install from the time of placing the order?

Normally, within 7 day for a straight stairlift and around 2 weeks for a curved. If the installation is urgent, for a standard straight stairlift, we can install normally the next day. We can also get certain curved stairlifts installed within a week.

What power supply connection do they require to power the stairlift?

Connection is made to the nearest 13amp 3 pin socket. If there is not one available we can arrange to have one installed on your behalf.

What if there is a radiator or shelf obstructing the run of the lift?

This is normally not a problem but if there is an issue we can get these sorted on your behalf.

What are the weight restrictions?

Usually the weight capacity is between 18 – 29 stones depending on the make and model to be fitted. Standard stairlifts are usually 19 stone.

Can you rent stairlifts?

Rental stairlifts are available for straight stairs only, the installation and removal cost is £350. The rental cost is £10 a week for a minimum term of 3 months.

I have a disability, will a Stairlift be suitable for me?

When we visit to survey the staircase we also assess the user of the stairlift. Stairlifts are designed for people with mobility difficulties and if there any problems with suitability we will normally be able to offer a solution to the problem.

I have problems bending my knees, can I use the Stairlift?

There are standing and perching options that are available to overcome these problems.

How much does a stairlift cost to run?

Stairlifts use very little power and will cost less than £10 per year to run. It won’t break the bank!

Where can I get stair lift advice as to which stair lift to buy?

Our fully trained advisors will advise you on what you need and there is no obligation. Alternately for independent advice contact the occupational therapy department of your local social services.